Inspiring and Empowering Women

The Mission of LindaQ is to provide a holistic resource for women. Through provision of beautiful, creative, supportive, and whimsical products and services, LindaQ seeks to inspire and empower women to live their best lives.

We are a whimsical fun-loving company focused on empowering & inspiring women to live life to their fullest potential.  Our clothing line features comfortable, casual printed tee shirts and items made from high-quality ring-spun lightweight cotton blends known for minimal shrinkage or fading. Our unique prints set the daily tone and capture the message our customer wants to share with the world.

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About The Owner

LindaQ has been a cheerleader her whole life. She started playing team sports when she was nine. Each game, she was known for uplifting her teammates to keep charging forward, to play their best and be ready for the next play. This continued into her adulthood as she mentored high school girls, while developing her television show, LifeSkills. A show that focused on topics from How To Build Your Self Esteem to How to Start a Small Business. Throughout her life, she has been dedicated to empowering women, guiding, consulting and inspiring them to live their fullest, happiest life. LindaQ’s mission in life is to remind each woman they are a WINNER!