Right now I need to learn to become part of my family’s everyday routine!

Christine Furman with Momspiration – Helping YOU navigate motherhood to be present, enjoy each moment and easily teach your kids. Today, we discuss how easy it is to create a learning environment no matter where you or what you are doing with your kids. Make it fun. Make it easy.

Christine’s parenting techniques produce: Kind Independent Confident Kids


Christine Furman, founder and creator of Momspiration412 Worldwide and EduPlay Learning, is a homeschool mom and World-Class Educator with over 10 years of experience and expertise in Elementary and Special Education. As an educator, her passion is to provide educational activities for kids of all ages and abilities. By creating a solid foundation at a young age, children will have the opportunity to enhance their strengths, build confidence, and develop independence.

Christine promotes lifelong learning by providing families with interactive educational resources which encourages learning to easily become part of their daily routine while enjoying each moment with their children.

Harness the power of learning and connection with your children with World-Class Educator, Christine Furman.