It has been a challenging year for commercial real estate along with every other sector.

Retail has been hit especially hard due to the state mandated closures. Once the state opened up, things were much better. The election caused a lot of uncertainly for investors as it normally does.

Now that the election is over, we expect to see some changes in 2021.

What we have learned is that technology is something that will continue to rise. We saw an overall lift with apps like zoom, Blue jeans and the many business apps to better align ourselves todo business the best we could in an environment that was unpredictable.

As we continue, some healthy tips to business owners would be to remain nimble and focus on growth strategies while still watching your cash flow. Ensure you are aligned for your distributions and targeted business plans. Money continues to be at an all-time low so make your money work for you and invest your cash and lower your rates on equipment, buildings and overall operations where you have


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