Dr. Michelle Trias with My Naturo Wellness gets to the bottom of the mind-gut connection and why it is so important to understand it.

If you or someone you love is looking to get on the healthier side of life, gaining an understanding of how our body works will help connect the dots. Yes, ladies, even WE have more than one brain!



Dr. Michelle Trias is a graduate from the University of Central Florida and completed her Doctorate in traditional naturopathy from the New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal studies. Whether it’s digestive discomfort, skin conditions, cholesterol, or fatigue, natural foods and herbs are the way back to better health. Dr. Michelle is on a mission to help you heal your gut and help you take control of your health and wellness.

You can find Dr. Michelle by visiting www.mynaturowellness.com where you can schedule an appointment to talk about your health goals.